[NTG-context] continuous numbering over components?

Marko Schütz schutz_m at usp.ac.fj
Wed Jul 14 00:49:52 CEST 2004


I have a project containing products containing components. For one of
the products I want to achieve a continuous numbering (as I get when
`texexec`ing the product file) but I want a single pdf per component. 

I expect that there is an elegant solution, but didn't find it yet. So
any hint is appreciated.


Dr. Marko Schütz
University of the South Pacific
Dept. of Mathematics and Computing Science
Suva, Fiji Islands

office: +679 3212325
fax:    +679 3303544
mobile: +679 9292044

schutz_m at usp.ac.fj
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