[NTG-context] Stopping text from flowing around sidefloats

Fabio Fogliuzzi ntg-context@ntg.nl
Wed Jul 7 17:39:42 CEST 2004

Excuse me if this message will be posted twice. In the first post I 
inadvertently used  my work e-mail address which is not registered in 
this forum.

Il giorno 06/lug/04, alle 18:40, Hans Hagen ha scritto:

> \forgetsidefloats
> \flushsidefloats
> may be of help in manipulating those side floats (more on side floats 
> in details.pdf)
> Hans

Thanks Hans.
Placing \flushsidefloats after the figure insertion works in the 
desired way. It seems that this command force the immediate placement 
of the side float after the text that precedes it. It is true?
There is another way to accomplish the same result using standard 
floats (not surrounded by the body text) moving the content of the 
float in a manner similar to the one used for the side floats?


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