[NTG-context] was: Configuration SciTE under Linux

Willi Egger ntg-context@ntg.nl
Mon Jul 5 09:00:17 CEST 2004


yesterday I posted my problems configuring SciTE under Linux. Thanks to 
the tip of Hraban I came to the following solution:

In the SciTEUser.porperties file setup the paths to the perl and ruby 
scripts. Do not forget the slash at the end of the line.


In the context.properties file change the menu issues as follows:

name.context.concheck=ruby $(path.context.rubyscripts)concheck.rb

name.context.texexec=perl $(path.context.perlscripts)texexec.pl --autopdf

name.context.texshow=perl $(path.context.perlscripts)texshow.pl

name.context.texutil=perl $(path.context.perlscripts)texutil.pl

name.context.examplap=ruby $(path.context.rubyscripts)texmfstart.rb 
--file=examplap.pdf --program=context --browser

name.context.showcase=ruby $(path.context.rubyscripts)texmfstart.rb 
--file=showcase.pdf --program=contextname.context.concheck=ruby 

So may be that there is still a better solution to this. Any comment is 

Kind regards Willi

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