[NTG-context] textbackground

dr. Hans van der Meer ntg-context@ntg.nl
Sat Jun 26 13:47:40 CEST 2004


I definitely see problems  with the 
\starttextbackground[]-\stoptextbackground environment (discussed in 
the "displays"-brochure).

When the textbackground falls at a page crossing -- i.e. starts at the 
top of a page -- the coloring extends backwards on the page just left.
It can be remedied by putting a \null just in front of 
\starttextbackground. The extra vertical space this introduces just 
manages to constrain the background to its own page. However, this is 
not a general solution, on other places the extra vertical space is 
certainly not wanted.

I cannot find the exact nature of the problem. I suspect it has to do 
with the \output-routines, but these are not my speciality, to say the 
least. So, not much help there,

Also, the \starttextbackground does not respect footnotes, these are 
colored. In contrast, the old \startbackground-\stopbackground does 
respect footnotes. The coloring stops at the footnote and restarts at 
the next page. I should like that for \starttextbackground as well.

Hans van der Meer

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