[NTG-context] Re: ConTeXt-Wiki

Maurice Diamantin ntg-context@ntg.nl
Wed Jun 23 13:24:25 CEST 2004

Le 23 juin 04, =E0 10:51, Tobias Burnus a =E9crit :

> Maurice Diamantin wrote:
>> - how about ConTeXt future (why it is not open source?)
> Well, ConTeXt is regarded as opensource.

OK, probably I looked at this file too long ago.
I agree ConTeXt is now Open source.

But as Open Source, I also (by mistake) mean a SourceForge projet
from which:
- an **unique** starting URL.
- dated version would be available,
- current official documentation (I didn't mean=20
- access (via links) to to any other information (pragma, wiki, ...)

>> - which/where is the reference documentation
>>   (don't reply with some recursive answer!)
> Hmm, the problem is that the documentation is* notoriously outdated=20
> and incomplete.
> But I think the "ConTeXt - the manual" is rather good though=20
> incomplete.
> *

Yes I agree that "ConTeXt - the manual" is **the** currently reference
As such, it should probably be a more or less maintained an uptodate
(but not as other said "uptodate" context documents :-) version.

>> - how many euro poeple would pay for a reference
>>   ConTeXt book?
> You mean a printed version of the revised/enhanced "ConTeXt - a=20
> manual"?


I know that it's a big work to maintain such a documentation,
and probably (?), even Hans should eat some food (and sleep)
from time to time!
So if this work could be sell as a "ConTeXt book".

I think it could make a great difference for peoples who hesitate
to switch from LaTeX to ConTeXt : no book available for now!

This book could be reedited perhaps every 2 years, and
updates (and perhaps the book itself ?) could be made available
on the web.

I agree there is much less ConText user than LaTeX user, but:

- this book whould be the only ConTeXt book available, so it should
   be easy to sell,

- the fact that there is a ConTeXt book should make ConTeXt
   more attractive (as for a SourceForge projet)

-- Maurice

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