[NTG-context] itemize, adobekb

ntg-context at ntg.nl ntg-context@ntg.nl
Wed Jun 16 16:12:50 CEST 2004

These are two very basic questions, but I couldn't find basic answers. 
Am quite willing to RTFM, but would be grateful for pointing to 
specific sections. So here comes:

1) Is it possible to have something in front of the number in numbered 
itemize-groups? Like LatTeX-style [1] etc. All I could find was the 
"stopper= " setup, but nothing for "starters."

2) The adobekb typescript is now part of the context macro package, 
right? (tex/context/base/type-akb.tex). But whenever I have this in my 



everything works well, my document is typeset in times, but I get this 

bodyfont       : unknown variant pos

What gives? Has "pos" been replaced by a new magic formula?

All best


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