Re[4]: [NTG-context] Known nath bugs?

Hans Hagen
Tue, 01 Jun 2004 20:13:24 +0200

At 11:47 30/05/2004, Giuseppe Bilotta wrote:

>Nath is a very complex module, easily broken. If you can
>privately send me your preamble we might be able to find what
>was breaking it. Or you can try it yourself: move it up line by
>line until delimiters don't work anymore: you'll find what
>makes it bomb :)

one problem is that nath redefines and has no real namespace; once you got 
things properly working, i'll go over the module and see what needs to be 

>Not yet. Those multi-equation environments are somewhat more
>difficult to convert to ConTeXt. And I still haven't got a
>complete grasp on how things work in ConTeXt (esp wrt
>numbering), so it's a double effort. It's on my TODO list

just make things so that they work acceptable and i'll handle the nasty 
details -)