[NTG-context] small articles in columns?

Janko Hauser ntg-context@ntg.nl
Fri, 21 May 2004 22:01:03 +0200

Hans Hagen wrote:

> columns.pdf (column sets)
> else, play with
> \starttabulate[|p|p|p]
> \NC ... \NC ... \NC ... \NC \NR
> \stoptabulate
Following the suggestions I tried to use the \column command to split
the columns. But my main problem remains. With the \startcolumnset
command I can not achive automatic balancing of columns.

I looked through the code in context and learned, that there is the
\startcolumns command wich can be given the [balance=yes]
parameter. This works, but then I can not use the other nice features
of the columnset environment. Further search in the code shows that
the balance=yes is also present in the columnset environment, but it
has no effect. Is this right, a missing feature or a malfunction?

I can provide an example, if this should work, and I'm doing
something wrong.

All hints gratefully accepted :-)