[NTG-context] Superimposing two flowcharts

Hans Hagen ntg-context@ntg.nl
Thu, 22 Apr 2004 11:02:00 +0200

At 09:26 22/04/2004, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I would like to make a flowchart in which one shape (FLOWcell) is 
>essentially bigger than the other shapes (in fact it should occupy the 
>space for two ordinary shapes).
>Now I made two flowcharts; one consists of the one bigger shape, while the 
>other consists of the remaining shapes (of which two are invisible because 
>their shape is defined as `node'). My idea is to put one flowchart on top 
>of the other.
>Is this possible? And if it is, how should I do this?
>B.t.w. using `offset=overlay' in \setupFLOWcharts gives a syntax error.

   {... de chart ...}
   {... de chart ...}