[NTG-context] Possible bug in texexec

Morten Høgholm ntg-context@ntg.nl
Thu, 15 Apr 2004 20:35:19 +0200

Dan Luecking has reported the following problem on c.t.t.:

When mptopdf is used on a .mp file it preprocesses the file and
the result (on my system it seems always to be named mptrace.tmp)
is run through mpost.  This mptrace.tmp has new-lines after every
semicolon (;).  This causes an error when the semicolon is part of
a literal string, because mpost syntax requires such strings to be
entirely on one line.

I mentioned also texexec, because mptopdf seems to call texexec for
some purposes. I know too little perl to even know what to look for,
much less propose a patch.

This behavior has been confirmed under WinXP (fptex = TeXLive8) and
Mac OS X (tetex).

This particular problem can affect the latest mfpic (0.7, which I
maintain) if a user processes mfpic's .mp output file with mptopdf.
Users can work around the bug by modifying their copy of mfpic.tex,
changing the line
        GBmsg "Bad mfpic installation; mfpic and grafbase %
to something like
        GBmsg "Bad mfpic installation: mfpic and grafbase %
This change will be provided as patch to mfpic shortly.

Morten Høgholm