[NTG-context] vim syntax file for ConTeXt

Gour ntg-context@ntg.nl
Thu, 15 Apr 2004 21:06:14 +0200

John Culleton (john@wexfordpress.com) wrote:

> I just use the generic TeX syntax file.  It works well 
> enough to satisfy me. I have programmed the F5 key to wite 
> out the current file and texexec a file called "book.tex."  
> F3 fires up Xpdf for "book.pdf." As you may know Xpdf can 
> update on the fly when the file being viewed is changed 
> without losing the page location. this combination gives me 
> semi-wsywig without ever leaving Gvim.  

Today I got a reply on comp.text.tex that there was some context.vim file
circulating around in the past. Are you aware of it?

It would be nice to take more advantage of vim capabilities, isn't it?


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