[NTG-context] ConTeXt's CD

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Sun, 4 Apr 2004 03:21:25 +0200

I'm trying "ConTeXt on CD" using

First of all: it is really amazing ! Everything needed for ContTeXt on one CD
and ready to use. I'll keep this CD in my pocket for now :-)

Since I'm a nasty user, here are a suggestion and some problems:
1/ What about adding a shortcut to cscite.bat under the CD's root or an
autorun.inf? It would be much more natural than usr/local/context/cscite.bat 

2/ With the last version, 29-Mar-2004 21:35, when I try to "compile" readme.tex
(copied on hard-disk and opened with scite) with Ctrl+F7 (concheck readme.tex)
I've got a "file not found" error.

3/ When I try to build the same file I've got the following error:
fonts          : [palatino] [texnansi] []
! I can't find file `.\type-syn'.
<to be read again> 
\dodoreadfile ...normalinput \readfilename \relax 
                                                  \the \everyafterreadfile 
\dododousetypescript ...ile \donothing \donothing 
                                                  \popmacro \currenttypefile...

\next1 #1,->\dododousetypescript {#1}
<argument> \relax type-syn,

\doprocesscommalist ...aitem \gobbleoneargument #1
                                                  ,]\relax \global \advance ...
l.5 \setupbodyfont
Please type another input file name: 

If I replace 


A readme.pdf file is produced.

4/ I can open the readme.pdf file with acrobat but Crtl+2 (Tools/View PDF file)
a message box pop up with the message:
Error while launching "gsview32.exe" with Params: "readme.pdf" The specified
file was not found.

Thank you once again Mr Hagen, for ConTeXt and now for its CD :-)