[NTG-context] reverse order sorting

Vit Zyka ntg-context@ntg.nl
Sat, 6 Mar 2004 12:17:56 +1300

Dear Hans and ConTeXters,

I go back to this question since it was not answered:

> is possible to change sorting order (e.g. sort in reverse order: not A, B,
C but C, B, A) in the
> mechanism:
> -----
> \definesorting[address][addressbook]
> \setupsorting[address][criterium=all]
> \address{A}
> \address{C}
> \address{B}
> \placelistofaddressbook
> -----

I was looking for something like 'reverse=yes' in \setupsorting definition
and texexec perl sort function calling, but it seemed to me, it has not been
implemented yet. Am I right? I still do not have insign to setup option
passing and parsing mechanism in ConTeXt macros, but who knows, the
implementation might be very easy.

I would need it for sorting simple scoring points. Using external (Perl or
XSLT) engine ia like a hammer to mosquitos. I can solve to problem by
forward sorting and TeX macro language but Perl solution is more effective.

Thank you
Vit Zyka