[NTG-context] TaBlE Issues

Henning Hraban Ramm ntg-context@ntg.nl
Tue, 2 Mar 2004 19:52:26 +0100

Am Dienstag, 02.03.04, um 00:59 Uhr (Europe/Zurich) schrieb Nikolai=20
>> You need the printed manual for the TaBlE package, which will
>> suggest something alone the lines:
> Hm, and this manual has to be ordered?  No downloads?

No, and it's really expensive.
(Sort of dongle for the TaBlE package...)

see http://www.pctex.com/

Gilbert van den Dobbelsteen wrote 1998:
> The TaBLe manual is sold seperately by PC-TEX. It is quiet expensive
> and also comes with the TaBLe package itself.
> The complete package costs $69
> Since I use the table macros very often, I bought it, it costed me $69
> plus $20 shipping. It's a good manual with lots of examples, which
> aren't very abvious if you just read the source-file table.tex

There's a promotion at the moment! See

Gr=FC=DFlis vom Hraban!