[NTG-context] \doifnextcharelse problem

Nikolai Weibull ntg-context@ntg.nl
Thu, 26 Feb 2004 20:05:25 +0100

* Hans Hagen <pragma@wxs.nl> [Feb 26, 2004 19:10]:
> go the etex way:

great!  thanks, that worked.

> no % are needed after a \cs:

hm, OK.  This is a good reason why it would be good to have a tex
programming reference, so that one'd know when it's necessary and when
it's not.

> I assume that you know that \setcatcodes is an internal command

yeah, I saw it somewhere.  I figured that it was a good name though and
that I'd use it too.  I figured that the \unprotect deal with the
nameclash.  Am I, in fact, overruling the internal one now?  If so, how
should one avoid cases like this?  Should I have all my module's
commands CamelCased?

Also, is there some repository of CONTEXT modules out there?  I can't
find a reference on pragma-ade.com nor ntg.nl, but maybe I've missed it.
Anyway, thanks Hans for such a quick and thorough response, and also for
a great typesetting environment; TeX has never been easier,

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