[NTG-context] hyperlinks in PDF

Hans Hagen ntg-context@ntg.nl
Mon, 23 Feb 2004 00:06:57 +0100

At 14:21 21/02/2004, you wrote:
>Using the \setupinteraction and \useURL commands, I can  now generate=20
>active blue email links my PDFs=97which is very cool. The downside is that=
>my footnote numbers (both in the text and below) are now blue too.
>I can go two ways with this. One way would be to set the footnote links to=
>toggle between the footnote call in the text and the footnote itself. The=
>other would be to prevent ConTeXt from treating the footnote numbers as=20
>links. I have no idea about how to do either and would be grateful for=20
>suggestions for either strategy, though my preference would be for the=20
>first (assuming that it is possible).
>As it is now, clicking on the footnote call in the text changes the=20
>magnification so that the whole page fits on the screen, which is not all=
>that desirable under the present circumstances.

since i'm in the middle of implementing some new nice interactive trickery=
i cannot upload a new version now, so you have to patch:

% in cont-new.tex: (asumes a recent version with multiple footnote types=20


\def\dostartnote% nog gobble als in pagebody
   %\restorecatcodes % to be tested first
    \ifinregels % otherwise problems with \type <crlf> {xxx}
      \ignorelines % makes footnotes work in \startlines ... \stoplines
      \redoconvertfont % to undo \undo calls in in headings etc
      \splittopskip\strutht  % not actually needed here
      \splitmaxdepth\strutdp % not actually needed here
      \iffixedlayoutdimensions % ugly hack, will change
      \ifcase\noteparameter\c!n\relax % new 31-07-99 ; always ?
        {\ifx\lastnotenumber\empty \else
             {\naarbox{\noteparameter\c!commando % was \c!nummercommando,=20
but compatible

      \dodonotesymbol{\kern\noteparameter\c!afstand}% gets the font right,=
hack !


% test file



\setupfootnotes[interaction=3Dno] % new


test \footnote {test}