[NTG-context] Re: Re : [NTG-context] Unicode garbage in table of contents

Hans Hagen ntg-context@ntg.nl
Fri, 20 Feb 2004 16:14:22 +0100

At 15:51 20/02/2004, you wrote:
>>>in the preamble and unicode characteurs in the document are typeset
>>>correctly. But, in the table of contents and in the index, they are
>>>replaced with their hex codes with some garbage.
>>how does the \jobname.tuo file looks like? maybe you run a 7 bit tex
>>(in which care you need to enable the 8 bit tcx extension)
>The text in the tuo file looks exactly like the one in the table of
>A few more tests pointed out that the problem arises from the nath
>module. But my TeX knowledge is too limited so I can't find where it
>happens into the file.

hm, so maybe nath makes < or > active ?


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