[NTG-context] Not seeing the wood because of so many trees

Hans Hagen ntg-context@ntg.nl
Fri, 20 Feb 2004 09:36:50 +0100

At 09:17 17/02/2004, Thomas A.Schmitz wrote:
>Sorry for going back to an older thread, but I don't think the question 
>was answered properly. Alexander Klink wanted to know how to typeset "{" 
>and "}". Suggestions were "\type|{| and \type|}|" or "$\{$ and $\}$". 
>Neither of which is satisfactory, because it will typeset them either in 
>typewriter or in math font. We had a discussion about similar questions a 
>while ago. I still think we should have "\{" and "\}" for
>this kind of thing. As long as this isn't available, I see no better 
>solution than "\getglyph{Serif}{123}" and "\getglyph{Serif}{125}" vel. 
>sim. For those of us working in the humanities, these curly braces are 
>sometimes necessary (e.g., in critical editions), and having them in 
>typewriter or math fonts isn't acceptable. So may I continue my rally for 
>\{ etc.?

The problem is that the cmr fonts are not that complete. Once we switch to 
the lmr fonts, this problem will disappear (sincethen we can use other 
encoding vectors)


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