[NTG-context] newbie question about xml

Christopher G D Tipper ntg-context@ntg.nl
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 15:01:02 -0000

> It would be wonderful if I could find an easy way to translate my=20
> ConTeXt source-files to html. So I was wondering if going via xml =

XML in Context is designed for those who plan to set up an XML workflow, =
and need PDF output. Certainly I use example, but as part of existing =
workflow starting from XML source. I use XSLT to produce HTML, and =
Context offers no help here. There was some discussion on this list =
about adapting T4Ht for Context before Christmas, so check the mailing =

> 3) If I understand "xml in context" correctly, one has to specify =
> a few of the xml commands in a dtd so ConTeXt understands them. I had =

Use a header file with your example commands in it. A DTD is used for =
parsing XML, and is really if different ball-game.