[NTG-context] basic formatting in ConTeXt

ntg-context@ntg.nl ntg-context@ntg.nl
Tue, 27 Jan 2004 06:42:45 -0500

I am new to ConTeXt and have what are doubtless some very basic 
questions. I have checked the manuals and the archives of this list and 
of the TeX on Mac OS X list the, but have not found what I am looking 
for yet. What I need is
(a) to set up the footers and headers in a book so that there is only  
a footer on the first page and only a header on subsequent pages,
(b) to define the first page number
(c) to set the color of a page in its entirety.

Any pointers to documents, solutions, or worked examples in ConTeXt 
will be very much appreciated. I have some idea of how to do these 
things in Plain TeX, but should really like to migrate to ConTeXt.