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Sun, 25 Jan 2004 00:06:19 -0500

wei jm,

Why do you want it in a different format? What application are you=20
using for your report?


On 21 Jan 2004, at 08:54, hl590we wrote:


      I have a problem while using context to create some flowcharts. =
beginning of
my tex source file looks like:


      Naturally I got a flowchart in pdf version. But a pdf version=20
flowchart is

not suitable for inserting into a paper or a report. Then I try to use=20=

to convert it from pdf format into some other imgage formats. But none=20=

of them
was satisfied.
I wonder how can I direct get a flowchart in some imgage formats (e.g.=20=

in png,
jpg format) from the source tex file. Are there some
tricks in the settings of the tex source file?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards   		=09

=99@=99@=99@=99@=99@=99@=99@=99@wei jm

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