[NTG-context] Windows xp user wants to begin with context

Willi Egger ntg-context@ntg.nl
Thu, 22 Jan 2004 21:28:39 +0100

Hi Wilfried,

Good! This is certainly a decision you will not regret. Do not dispair, 
if there are hurdles until the system is setup!

Just to add to the hopefully not to big confusion:

There is yet another editor which is really to be considered.  - its 
name is Scite.  You can download it from

Hans Hagen at Pragma has made this editor CONTEXT aware. - And this will 
be extended ...
Advantages: highlighting ,  running  texexec  from the menu or  by  
key,  possibilities to run a syntax-check,  view the compiled file in 
the PDF-viewer.

Kind regards Willi

Wilfried Van Hirtum wrote:

> Hi
> I'm a complete ms word user who wants to convert to context to make 
> his mathematical textbooks. I have windows xp on my computer, but 
> nothing (really nothing like perl, editor's or distribution) else. 
> What exactly have i to do make my pc work with context?
> By the way, don't say to me to read the /how to install context 
> manual/ which are not meant to read by absolute beginners. I've spent 
> hours on looking around on internet, on the pragma-website, reading 
> manuals, but i don't find something clear and simple what tells me 
> exactly to do and in which order to let me begin working with context. 
> There seems to be so many pre-knowledge about perl, command line 
> commands, and so on..
> But can anybody out there please tell me how i can start from the very 
> beginning.
> I would appreciate your advise very much.
> To set it clear: i'm not a linux or unix-user, i use windowx xp.
> I really want to begin with context, but there seems to be so many 
> obstacles to overwin. Many thanks in advance.
> Wilfried Van Hirtum
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