[NTG-context] Italic, captial Greek letters (with Latin Modern)

Hans Hagen ntg-context@ntg.nl
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 14:07:57 +0100

At 16:06 20/01/2004, you wrote:
>if I understand Latin Modern correctly, it contains the \Psi both as
>upright and as italic version (CM has only the upright version).
>How can I get the italic version?
>It did not work this way:
>   \usetypescript[modern][texnansi]
>   \setupbodyfont[modern,12pt,ams]
>   \starttext
>     $\Psi$
>   \stoptext

you need to 'patch' the math-* files where the symbols are defined;

an option can be to provide an additional set of definitions; i can also 
think of something


what do the other mathematicians think