[NTG-context] Footnotes Without Text Marks?

Adam Lindsay ntg-context@ntg.nl
Sun, 11 Jan 2004 00:45:00 +0000

John McChesney-Young said this at Sat, 10 Jan 2004 09:18:07 -0800:

>I've also been following the French hyphenation thread with some 
>interest; my outputs of all the samples posted so far (with TeXShop 
>1.34) have unfortunately displayed <A-macron><copyright symbol> for 
>the original <e-aigue>, and the word at the line end doesn't 
>hyphenate (the console reports an overfull \hbox, as I would expect).
>I'm very new to *TeX, have always worked with Macs (since OS 7.1), 
>and have essentially no Unix experience, so answers that assume 
>wholesale ignorance will be best appreciated and understood. :-)

Hi, John.

As you're on a mac, you're probably cut/pasting from your mail client
into your editor of choice (TeXShop? iTeXMac?). Most likely that client
is saving your source file in Mac encoding. Therefore, you should be using:
Instead of win or il1. 

Hope that solves the A-macron problem, at least.


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