[Foxet] foxet in context alpha zip

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Sep 6 16:04:16 CEST 2004


I picked up the foxet thread. The current alpha release of context 
(alpha because it has a low level english interface) has the fo modules 


Given that you have installed context properly, you can run the files under


There are a lot of things untested and probably not working as expected 
(esp in the area of spacing and fonts). One of the things we need to do 
is to set up a proper testbed, and ... don't reply that we can use the 
existing stest files (from other places), because they are imo useless. 
We need real examples, i.e. real documents.

Texexec knows about the fo suffix, so you can say:

  texexec --pdf somefile.fo


  texexec --pdf --foxet somefile.xml

The current version is not optimized (i will optimize later, esp the mp 


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