[Foxet] minimal install steps for foXet ?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Nov 22 22:57:45 CET 2004

Hi Mike,

> Have you already added unic-032.tex to the source at the site you
> pointed me to rysnc with? If not, can you?

ok, i regenerated the lot, and am uploading nowto the pod site; please test it 
first (i added some things and some more language support and this is not tested 
at a large scale; anyhow it won't bite foxet)

> But if you think it's too early for that and you worry about
> getting bombarded with bug reports, let me know and I'll hold off.

just go ahead, getting good test documents is always a problem

> However, though I've not tried with any big test examples yet,
> from the limited testing I've done this far, it seems like foXet
> is far enough along that DocBook users can start trying it and
> even using it for "real world" production of docs on the scale of
> what I've been testing with at least.

sounds ok to me; we may need to preconfigure a few more fonts and such

when installing context, keep in mind that linux distributions tend to lag 
behind with their tex packages;

the de facto reference implementation of tex is 'tex live', and the minimal 
rsyncable context trees on our site are based on the latest texlive; as logn as 
users keep a separate tree and use the 'setuptex' script to set the 
environments, things are pretty robust and isolated from other tex installations

(in the future the trees will be smaller due to some font developments)


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