[Foxet] minimal install steps for foXet ?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Nov 22 21:31:36 CET 2004

Michael Smith wrote:

> Yes, I think so. Full Unicode name of ​ is "ZERO WIDTH
> SPACE" while  is "ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE", which I
> guess implies that ​ isn't no-break.
> That said, I think the DocBook stylesheets should be generating a
>  here instead. And probably should be generating it
> regardless of what FO->PDF engine it's destined for. I will
> suggest it to the other developers in the project. If they agree,
> I'll probably be changing it to  instead.

my experience with (third party) xml files is that esp spacing and dashes can be
confusing (it may be related to what editors insert: endash emdash figuredash
dash ...)

In principle we could normalize them, but best is to standardise usage somehow.

The same applies to the fo itself, it matters where one sets fonts (esp
bodyfont) and such and what constructs are used; So when the resulting pdf is
disappointing, let me know and we need to find out what the best way is to deal
with it.


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