[Foxet] minimal install steps for foXet ?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Nov 22 16:50:37 CET 2004

Michael Smith wrote:

> One problem I've noticed: If I have the string "--" in my FO
> source, one of the dashes gets gobbled and only a single dash
> shows up in output.

This is a result of the fact that -- is a ligature; a next version of pdftex 
will provide a feature to deal with this (a few days a go i played with it and 
extended context to support it)

> PassiveTeX shows the same behavior, so we put a workaround in the
> DocBook stylesheets to instead have "-​-" generated when
> output is destined for processing with Passivetex.

> But if I feed foXet a test doc containing "-​-" instances,
> they show up in PDF output with a black square box between the dashes:
>   http://sideshowbarker.net/docs/xmlcatalog-man.boxes.pdf
> So is there another solution to prevent the dashes from getting gobbled?

hm, i need to complete unic-032.tex -)

attached is a quick patch, put this in tex/context/base (kpsewhich unic-032.tex) 
  and regenerate the format (vectors are preloaded)

Is this zerowidthspace supposed to break?

> Also, does foXet support generation of PDF bookmarks yet?

all that stuff will be added, the underlying engine can do all that trickery 


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