[Dev-luatex] Typos in the manual and in the source code

Josef Friedrich josef at friedrich.rocks
Fri Feb 3 17:50:45 CET 2023

# Typo in the source code

diff --git a/source/texk/web2c/luatexdir/luatex.c 
index 14426db6a..c11b0ca62 100644
--- a/source/texk/web2c/luatexdir/luatex.c
+++ b/source/texk/web2c/luatexdir/luatex.c
@@ -329,7 +329,7 @@ int shell_cmd_is_allowed(const char *cmd, char 
**safecmd, char **cmdname)

-        Is *cmdname listed in a texmf.cnf vriable as 
shell_escape_commands =
+        Is *cmdname listed in a texmf.cnf variable as 
shell_escape_commands =
          foo,bar,... ?
      p = cmdlist;

# Lua code example

diff --git a/manual/luatex-tex.tex b/manual/luatex-tex.tex
index a5e458088..9109a09db 100644
--- a/manual/luatex-tex.tex
+++ b/manual/luatex-tex.tex
@@ -1379,8 +1379,8 @@ tex.print(tex.romannumeral(123))
  The first one returns the name only, the second one reports the size too.


  \subsubsection{\type {sp}}

# No longer there? tex.getlinenumber and tex.setlinenumber

diff --git a/manual/luatex-tex.tex b/manual/luatex-tex.tex
index a5e458088..f88fe1bb9 100644
--- a/manual/luatex-tex.tex
+++ b/manual/luatex-tex.tex
@@ -1412,29 +1412,6 @@ following:

-\subsubsection{\type {tex.getlinenumber} and \type {tex.setlinenumber}}
-You can mess with the current line number:
-local n = tex.getlinenumber()
-which can be shortcut to:
-This might be handy when you have a callback that read numbers from a 
file and
-combines them in one line (in which case an error message probably has 
to refer
-to the original line). Interference with \TEX's internal handling of 
numbers is
-of course possible.
  \subsubsection{\type {error} and \type {show_context}}

@@ -2747,7 +2724,6 @@ The options match commandline arguments from \type 
  If \type {--output-directory} is specified and the value is a relative 
  the file is searched first here and then in the standard tree.


  \startsubsection[title={\type {init_prog}}]

# 14.2.7 get[from][dictionary|array|stream] -> 14.2.7 

diff --git a/manual/luatex-backend.tex b/manual/luatex-backend.tex
index 8d4c366c3..c4c646290 100644
--- a/manual/luatex-backend.tex
+++ b/manual/luatex-backend.tex
@@ -739,7 +739,7 @@ string is hex encoded. The second call returns the 
unencoded string.


-\startsubsection[title={\type {get[from][dictionary|array|stream]}}]
+\startsubsection[title={\type {get[dictionary|array|stream]}}]

  \libindex {getdictionary} \libindex {getfromdictionary}
  \libindex {getarray}      \libindex {getfromarray}

# 14.2.8 [open|close|readfrom|whole|]stream -> 14.2.8 

diff --git a/manual/luatex-backend.tex b/manual/luatex-backend.tex
index 8d4c366c3..062ec43ad 100644
--- a/manual/luatex-backend.tex
+++ b/manual/luatex-backend.tex
@@ -775,7 +775,7 @@ print(pdfe.open("foo.pdf").Pages[1])


-\startsubsection[title={\type {[open|close|readfrom|whole|]stream}}]
+\startsubsection[title={\type {[open|close|readfrom|readfromwhole]stream}}]

  \libindex {openstream}
  \libindex {closestream}

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