[Dev-luatex] PNG file inclusion

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 5 12:32:06 CET 2020

On 1/5/2020 1:36 AM, Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
> Hi,
> I just encountered a problem with a broken PNG file.  The PNG file was
> created with Microsoft's "Snipping Tool".
> The problem affects both, LuaTeX and pdfTeX and proably XeTeX too (not
> tested).
> When I include a PNG file created by Microsoft's "Snipping Tool",
> Okular crashes.  No Problem when I convert PNG->PNM->PNG with
> ImageMagick.
> In both cases the header is:
>    1 0 obj
>    <<
>    /Type /XObject
>    /Subtype /Image
>    /Width 1942
>    /Height 878
>    /BitsPerComponent 8
>    /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB
>    /Length 5115228
>    >>
>    stream
>      ....
>    endstream
>    endobj
> I would expect that the number of bytes between "stream" and
> "endstream" is exactly the number of bytes denoted by /Length.
> When I use the original PNG file, 6820463 bytes are inserted between
> stream and endstream, with the converted file exactly 5115228 bytes
> are written.

That image has a mask (so you should have an /smask although that 
depends in the minor version):

zipped size   :  195827
original size : 6821182
3 byte bitmap : 5115228
1 byte mask   : 1705076

there is no info about resolution so the natural size is unknown

> The value of /Length is obviously derived from the header:
>     1942 × 878 × 3 = 5115228

probably provided by pnglib .. it also depends on the filter byte being 
present in a row (should be in the original image data, not always in 
the pdf)

The length is just the uncompressed length.

> Assuming that libpng is used for PNG decompression, it's probably the
> culprit.  But I don't know whether the PNG standard allows to add
> additional information to the file.  In this case the size cannot be
> determined from the header.

the png stream is just the simple deinterlaced bitmap, nothing more 
(palette, mask etc are in the dictionary)

> My suggestion is, instead of relying entirely on external libraries,
> to make sure that (pdf|Lua)TeX always inserts exactly /Length bytes to
> the stream.  If this is not possible, abort with an meaningful error
> message.  At the end TeX has to create valid PDF and without such a
> check such problems get undetected.
There can be more wrong with an image (bad predictor info when passed 
along, as not all png imaged get some treatment, bad filter bytes, etc) 
so isn't the png library supposed to catch that?


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