[Dev-luatex] Broken \adjdemerits on Linux due to unspecified enumeration type

Marcel Fabian Kr├╝ger tex at 2krueger.de
Tue Nov 5 17:04:15 CET 2019


thanks for fixing the \adjdemerits problem. One remark about the fix:

The line

if ( (fit_class>(fitness(r)+1)) || (fitness(r)>(fit_class+1)) )

is indented by one tab "\t" and four spaces, while all surrounding code
is only indented with spaces.
(Confusingly, tabs are also used as indentation in line 117-119)
This leads to confusing appearence if the file is viewed in an editor
which does not use 8 spaces for one tab.

Maybe this could be changed to be a bit more consistant?

Best regards,

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