[Dev-luatex] change in pdfliteral logging

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Thu Mar 14 11:06:12 CET 2019

In the following example (which doesn't give a valid pdf, it is only
for demo) the logging has changed between texlive 2018 and 2019:

In texlive 2018 the log said:

...\pdfliteral page"/Artifact /BMC"

In texlive 2019 I now get

...\pdfliteral page <lua data reference 770>

This sadly means that my testsuites are no longer really meaningful.

Is there a way to get the old behaviour back? Or to somehow add the
content of the "<lua data reference 770>" to the log?

\tracingoutput 1 
\showboxbreadth \maxdimen 
\showboxdepth \maxdimen
\tracingonline 1


for n in node.traverse(tex.box[0].list) do
  local bdcnode = node.new("whatsit","pdf_literal")
        bdcnode.data = "/Artifact /BMC"
        tex.box[0].list =


Ulrike Fischer 

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