[Dev-luatex] lualatex (incorrectly) replaces em dashes with hyphens

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Fri Mar 1 15:59:54 CET 2019

Am Fri, 1 Mar 2019 14:15:30 +0100 schrieb Arthur Reutenauer:

>> 1. It seems reasonable to expect Unicode-aware engines (luatex and xetex)
>>    to make this substitution, especially with the Ligatures=TeX option given
>>    to fontspec. (Isn't this the entire point of that option?)
>   The point is for users to have the option, not necessarily that it
> should be on by default.

There are millions of tex-documents, bib-files and other tex related
files around all using -- and --- to get an endash and an emdash.
Why should we setup defaults that breaks this input as soon as
people try to convert a document to use xelatex or lualatex? Which
user would say that it is an improvement that an input which
previously gave an endash now prints --?  Do you want to answer all
the questions on tex.sx about how to activate the tlig again?

Ulrike Fischer 

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