[Dev-luatex] tex.{get,set}math argument names

Marcel Fabian Kr├╝ger tex at 2krueger.de
Fri Aug 23 01:29:57 CEST 2019


in tex/texmath.c, the `math_param_names` array is missing the entries
`skewedfractionvgap` and `skewedfractionhgap`. This causes all array
indices to be shifted and therefore a mismatch between the parameter
names in Lua and the real names. For example:

  print('limitabovevgap:', tex.getmath('limitabovevgap', 'display'))
  print('skewedfractionvgap:', tex.getmath('skewedfractionvgap', 'display'))

results in

> 1.11111pt.
l.1 \showthe\Umathlimitabovevgap\displaystyle
> 0.0pt.
l.2 \showthe\Umathskewedfractionvgap\displaystyle
limitabovevgap:	0
[\directlua]:1: bad argument #1 to 'getmath' (invalid option 'skewedfractionvga

-- Marcel

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