[Dev-luatex] reproducibility issue of pdf inclusion of LuaTeX 1.09.0

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Mon Dec 3 16:48:05 CET 2018

On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 2:50 PM Hironobu Yamashita <
h.y.acetaminophen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> > I'm suffering from reproducibility issue of pdf inclusion of LuaTeX.
> > The output file size differs from time to time, and the largest one
> > is more than twice of the smallest one!
> FWIW, I also tested with the newer LuaTeX (experimental, r7008)
> This is LuaTeX, Version 1.09.1 (TeX Live 2019/dev)
> and I got a similar result.

Here I have

%% include.mkiv

%% do.sh
context --purgeall
for i in `seq 0 20`; do
 context --nodates   include.mkiv 1>/dev/null;
 cp -v include.pdf include-$i.pdf
md5sum include-*pdf

$ bash do.sh

'include.pdf' -> 'include-0.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-1.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-2.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-3.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-4.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-5.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-6.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-7.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-8.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-9.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-10.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-11.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-12.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-13.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-14.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-15.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-16.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-17.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-18.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-19.pdf'
'include.pdf' -> 'include-20.pdf'
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-0.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-10.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-11.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-12.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-13.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-14.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-15.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-16.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-17.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-18.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-19.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-1.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-20.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-2.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-3.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-4.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-5.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-6.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-7.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-8.pdf
c1dfdcda341fedf4eea0b608767687f0  include-9.pdf

This is LuaTeX, Version 1.09.1 (TeX Live 2019/dev)
Development id: 7008

The size is 53011 bytes .

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