[Dev-luatex] nodelist based tex.saveboxresource

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Thu Aug 16 20:19:16 CEST 2018


btw, you probably noticed that mlist_to_hlist is called recursively so 
you might use that fact

conceptually one could have callbacks at the make_* level (the wrapping 
things) which is kind of clean but that has not much use as work happens 
in those and duplicating all that happens in there in lua makes no sense

a do_delimiter callback is only a partial solution as it is used in 
several places and also works in tandem with other constructs (rules for 
instance); also, you'd always have to keep in mind that other mechanisms 
expect (for instance) attributes to be retained, character properties to 
migrate to unicode (cut and paste), etc, but that can be dealt with, in 
that sense the name 'delimiter' is somewhat confusing

(fwfw, in context we hardly use these constructs because we want to have 
more control and do fancy things)

anyway, a dodelimiter callback is in some sense not so much a delimiter 
one, but more a constructor one as it kind of relates to fonts and not 
so much to math ... basically it could be something "create_extensible" 
or so which is then triggered inside e.g. do_delimiter

i'll play with that a bit when i have time (i.e. what is the context we 
need to pass and what do we want back and what wrapup afterwards is 
needed) to see if it makes sense at all


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