[Dev-luatex] [Far out subproject proposal] ---Have lulatex generate html math inaddition to pdf/dvi ?

Federer Fanatic nafdef at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 22:06:44 CET 2017

Basically have complete mathml markup or some other kind of html math output
that is completely capable of doing what is now done for pdf output.

This would elminate the need for the clumsy workarounds that mathjax,
for example, provides---there appears to be no easy way to convert
arbitarilly/personally written latex packages/classes
into something that mathjax can understand. Obviously the original
latex code could still remain
in the resulting html/mathhtml output so that people would still have
access to the "original" source code.

One of my motivations is to allow for google translate to work on html
math documents...
it WORKS provided you add 'notranslate' to the spans:  <span
class="math inline">, <class="math display">latex math commands/span>
etc environments. However LaTeX commands that mathjax is not familiar
with are not rendered....

I realize this may be a better question on mathjax but I regard that
project, while laudable, wrong headed as the real problem should be
solved by a proper TeX engine such as luatex?

 Roger Federer Fanatic Extraordinaire :-)

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