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> Version 1.0.0
> After some ten years of development and testing, today we have released
> LuaTeX 1.0.0! Instead of staying below one and ending up with versions
> like 0.99.1234, we decided that the moment is there to show the TeX
> audience that LuaTeX is stable enough to loose its beta status. Although
> functionality has evolved and sometimes been replaced, we have been using
> LuaTeX in production right from the start. Of course there are bugs
> and for sure we will fix them.
> Our main objective is to provide a variant of TeX that permits user
> extensions without the need to adapt the inner workings. We did add a few
> things here and there but they mostly relate to opening up the inner parts
> and/or the wish to influence some hard coded behaviour. Via Lua we managed
> to support modern functionality without bloating the code or adding more
> and more dependencies on foreign code. In the process a stable and flexible
> MetaPost library became part of the engine.
> The functionality as present now will stay. We might open up some more
> parts, we will stepwise clean up the code base while staying as close as
> possible to the Knuthian original, we will try to document bits and pieces.
> We might also experiment a bit with better isolation of the backend, and
> simplify some internals. For that we might use the experimental version
> but if we divert too much we may need to give that another name.
> We want to thank all those who have tested the betas and helped to make
> LuaTeX better.
> Hans Hagen
> Hartmut Henkel
> Taco Hoekwater
> Luigi Scarso

Hi All

Just a short note to say HUGE congratulations to all those involved in
reaching this milestone.

Now, off to compile it :-)

Very best wishes


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