[Dev-luatex] Bug in pdf/pdftables.w

Lars Hamren lh at sdu.se
Sun Sep 11 18:39:44 CEST 2016


Those who enjoy such things can try to find the bug in this code, which
happes to have for quite some time:

     int pdf_create_obj(PDF pdf, int t, int i)
         int a;
         char *ss = NULL;
         if (pdf->obj_ptr == sup_obj_tab_size)
             overflow("indirect objects table size", (unsigned) pdf->obj_tab_size);
         if (pdf->obj_ptr == pdf->obj_tab_size) {
             a = pdf->obj_tab_size / 5;
             if (pdf->obj_tab_size < sup_obj_tab_size - a)
                 pdf->obj_tab_size = pdf->obj_tab_size + a;
                 pdf->obj_tab_size = sup_obj_tab_size;
             pdf->obj_tab = xreallocarray(pdf->obj_tab, obj_entry, (unsigned) pdf->obj_tab_size);
         obj_info(pdf, pdf->obj_ptr) = i;
         obj_type(pdf, pdf->obj_ptr) = t;

It is both simple and potentially fatal.

Answer in my next post.

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