[Dev-luatex] /Basefont written in varying order to PDF file

Lars Hamren lh at sdu.se
Mon Sep 5 23:36:10 CEST 2016

On 09/04/16 23:02, Hans Hagen wrote:
>> This is not really a bug, but it makes it effectively impossible to
>> compare two PDFs,
>> at least from a script.
> hm, this has to do with the fact that lua hashes are randomized (relates to security) .. i'll try to get around that in the next beta for widgets but it's always possible that things get output in a different order

Stands to reason. I had just found that the font was handled by lua code,
by putting a GDB breakpoint at pdf_out_block().

Is there a way to get the lua call stack from GDB?

Is it possible to inject LUA code from GDB?

I think that it requires some support from the program, but may be wrong.

> btw, you probably want to run context with the --nodates --trailerid=1 option


> btw, can you move this discussion to the context mailing list as it doesn't relate that much to luatex itself

Will do. I have just requested membership.

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