[Dev-luatex] Varying behaviour for ligatures

Lars Hamren lh at sdu.se
Mon Sep 5 17:26:09 CEST 2016

On 09/05/16 16:34, Hans Hagen wrote:

>> Bizarrely, I couldn't either, at first. I ran the same .tex file
>> 100 times, and got the same result. Not good for my self-confidence.
> maybe some old font cache?

Maybe. Then the result would depend on the order in which make runs the files,
but we not see any problem when running the same file repeatedly.

I could try clearing the font cache before every run of context.

How do I clear the font cache without clearing out e.g. formats?
Is it OK to just delete any fonts/ subdirectory under textmf-cache?

>> From line 4 we see that it is possible to run 487 tests to completion,
>> and only get a single error.
>> (There are 13 files that consistently do not generate any output)
> sure, there can be a few fatal ones, for instance there's a pending bug in one of the mp number modes that will be fixed in the engine

Yes. I should have been clearer. These 13 are not a problem.
Some files do not generate any output, as you mention.

>> This may explain why you could not replicate the error. Try running
>> the same file lots of times.
>> The different number of diff files (486 vs 487) is because of
>> epdf/merge-002.pdf,
>> which depends on epdf/merge-001.pdf, which is sometimes there, sometimes
>> not,
>> depending on make order.
> ok (i normally run these things sorted)

Additional rules in my Makefile would solve this, and, I think,
a few other similar problems.

>> Do you want some of my log files, or the Makefiles I use to run the tests?
>> (The complete set of log files are way beyond my 1 Mbit upload speed.)
> i have a script for it so the most i need to know is what files are problematic .. if this ligature issue is there it might relate to an unordered hash traversal (normally that should be no problem)

I will send you a list of files, but that list may not be very significant,
since the problem comes and goes for each source file.


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