[Dev-luatex] Strange code for font_param

Lars Hamren lh at sdu.se
Tue Nov 15 16:46:19 CET 2016

Hi, Luigi

> Thank you very much for your report and  my apologies for delay of the answer.

It's good to know that they are appreciated.

Zooming out, I'm not sure I think that the variable arrays of parameters
are a good idea. The original idea was to be both flexible and memory-efficient,
but by modern standards the amount of memory is miniscule, and the arrays don't
do the readability of the code any good. I will probably drop them in favuor
of regular struct member variables.

I may be wrong, so if you or anyone else have convincing arguments in favour
of the arrays, I look forward to hearing them.

> We are currently quite busy but there should be a debugging session at
> the end of current month,
> and we will see this issue as the others as well.

Good luck! I have already applied local fixes, so don't feel any pressure on my behalf.


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