[Dev-luatex] Strange code for font_param

Lars Hamren lh at sdu.se
Fri Nov 11 20:49:42 CET 2016


I found some odd behaviour, arguably a bug or two, when I added bounds checking to _param_base,
in struct texfont.

As I have fixed this in my own code, this is just FYI.

At about line 750 in mlist.w:

         DEFINE_DMATH_PARAMETERS(math_param_radical_vgap, size_id,
             (default_rule_thickness(size_id) + (abs(math_x_height(size_id)) / 4)), lvl);

default_rule_thickness turns out to be math parameter 8.

But at least font 0 (nullfont) has only 7 parameters (according to _font_params).
Parameters are Pascal-style (one-based) so there has to be one more element
that parameters. Still, parameter 8 is outside the array bounds.

But! When reallocating the _param_base array, the set_font_params() allocates
not only one, but two, extra elements, so accessing parameter 8 works.

The extra extra element is not initialized by set_font_params(), but
either it is never actually used, or dynamic memory is zero-filled by default.

These bugs are present int 0.95.0. They may or may not be present in later versions.

Clarification: by bugs I mean a) accessing outside the logical bounds,
and b) not initializing all elements.

One quick way to fix it would be to check the parameter number in font_param(),
and return 0 if out of bounds.

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