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Wed Oct 28 13:03:21 CET 2015

On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 12:23 PM, Thomas de Vivo <tdvit at mail.com> wrote:

> hi there
>   I'm a member of the Institute of Italian culture in Tbilisi
> "a non-profit organization focused on coworking, humanism, and social
> innovation"
> https://istitutoculturaitaliana.org/
> and we are trying to adopt the well known and
> greatly appreciated by me
> linebreak algorithm of Donald Knuth
> for our publishing.
> Since we are focused mainly on the web (i.e. "internet",
> not the Knuth's literary language) and since we want
> an highly customizable solution, we would like to translate
> at least the core functionalities of Tex (or better, the
> linebreak in itself with some required features related to it,
> like glyphs, nodes, (fonts) and so on), in some internet
> script, like specifically php and javascript (especially the
> first is not excluded, if I remember correctly, among
> the languages you have excluded during the choice of
> Lua).
> Our purpose, however, would be to "atomize" as much
> as possible the core features of Tex so to make them
> (as possible) easy understandable and, as possible,
> usable as "standalone" scripts: this should be true
> for the mentioned linebreak but also for the paging
> (the positioning of paragraphs along the pages)
> itself. As well as of course for the hyphenation
> engine.
> [to be more precise, our version could be
> focused on XML input and XML output, so
> to avoid both the markup language of
> Tex, and the pdf output, not required in the
> use on the web since we want to use HTML5]

ConTeXT MKIV (luatex engine + macros)
has an XML input / XML output "way" .
The context mailing list is the right place to ask
(btw a pdf output for digital archiving is also a good idea).

> I have take a look at the -- impressive -- work
> of Taco Hoekwater, with whom I have exchanged
> some messages -- and he directed me to the
> Lua version of linebreak of Hans Hagen.

well, the  lua version is an opportunity, but it's hard to understand and

> Now my question, and my proposal to you
> is the following.
> I'm willing to make such work, which would
> be publicly available to you, but I would need
> detailed information about how to proceed,
> so to avoid wasting time in the less pleasant
> task for a programmer: to understand the code
> of somebody else.
> As already stated to Taco, I'm a humanist at
> the base, however I think that we are all called
> to deal with the technical problems posed by
> the every day life.

Searching only a bit I have found



so it' not a news di per se.

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