[Dev-luatex] determining if a macro is used on document level

Frank Mittelbach frank.mittelbach at latex-project.org
Wed Nov 4 12:39:14 CET 2015

Hi Hans

>> Can you see any other way to determine that a macro is really used on
>> document/file level?
> \directlua{tex.print(tex.currentgrouplevel)}
> {\directlua{tex.print(tex.currentgrouplevel)}}

that's unfortunately not the same as input stack.

both calls are happening at the same input level - both are visible in 
your mail = document

to motivate my question: people sometimes use procedural markup rather 
than semantic markup. Now if you want to find those in the document, say 
\textbf, but not if part of a higher-level structure, say inside a 
\section, then you need to know that this command actually appeared 
inside the document/file

But it doesn't matter if it appear inside a "group"


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