[Dev-luatex] getnext et al.

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed May 7 20:37:39 CEST 2014

On 5/7/2014 8:14 PM, Philipp Gesang wrote:

> That might be it. Actually I think I confuse this with the freeze
> of font-otn in the generic code [0]. The frozen luatex-fonts-otn
> differed from the then current font-otn from the outset. Compare
> both files in commit ff54944.. of Marius’ mirror: Context
> switched to the node.*() accessors whereas the generic code is
> stuck with the earlier version since. (I recall vividly studying
> font-otn.lua in search of a bug that wasn’t there because the
> file wasn’t part of the merged package anymore.)

it might relate to some experiment code with regards to these ordered 
checking of features (when 'order' showed up)

> No joke, just a different perspective: I’m primarily measuring
> the font loading time which has been decimated in the last year.
> Since i don’t require high throughput and find immediate visual
> feedback distracting i’m not overly concerned with execution time
> of a tex run.

hm, decimated ... makes me wonder why as loading always was quite ok (if 
we're talking of runtime loading of cached fonts, not the identification 
which might depends on the code you use for that)

> Luigi did investigate the potential for parallelism, though, didn’t he?

yes and the conclusion was: "nothing to gain" (at least not on normal 
use cases)

> Even if mkiv was noticably slower I’d never trade the extra
> flexibility for it. Anyways, I never even used mkii so I only
> witnessed Context getting faster and faster B-)

ok, glad that at least someoen notices it (as i spend quite some time on 
making it faster)

> Startup time should be slower due to the immense amount of code
> that is loaded and executed before \starttext. Don’t you like
> maintain one of the largest Lua code bases out there?

maybe ... it's definitely a big application ... interesting is that 
startup time of

\stoptext            : mkiv lua stats  > runtime: 0.141 seconds (0.484)
\starttext \stoptext : mkiv lua stats  > runtime: 0.281 seconds (0.375)

the \stoptext one becomes 0.094 with luajittex .. okay, i have plenty of 
memory (windows 8 / 64 bit) and an ssd but i think that cached binaries 
and files makes a difference (so the first run of the day is always slower)

(roughly measured) on my abs max 3.4 Ghz laptop so not that bad; the 
.140 extra with the \starttext is due to font loading and pattern 
loading; the time between () is all-in, so with the mtxrun manager 
(which also means loading the file database itself plus as well as 
initial luatex loading); probably also a few milliseconds extra that are 
not measured but anyway sub .5 sec (and then a pps rate of about 500 for 
a simple 1000 page test\page document)

lua is just amazingly fast as is tex itself ... it's the extra macros 
and luatex trickery that do the harm when it comes to slow down


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