[Dev-luatex] pdf.obj() removes leading white space

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Sat Mar 8 01:46:55 CET 2014

I'm currently trying to insert XMP metadata into a PDF file in order
to make it PDF/A compliant.

The XML stuff is a Lua string and I'm using pdf.obj() in order to
create the object.  However, leading whitespace is renoved by
pdf.obj().  As far as the XML stuff is concerned, it's not a big
problem if indentation gets lost because XML parsers ignore it anyway.

However, I have to add about 2..4 kB of padding and all validators
insist on space characters (0x20).  This padding is important because
it allows content management systems to extend the XML stuff without
the need to re-generate the xref table.

After all, I would expect that pdf.obj() allows to insert even binary
stuff because PDF objects can contain anything.  Hence I assume that
the current behavior is not desired.

I didn't try pdf.immediateobj() yet but I fear that it's affected too.


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