[Dev-luatex] lua(jit)tex / string.format differs

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Wed Dec 17 15:55:33 CET 2014

Hi all,

$ cat foo.lua 
print( string.format("%08s","1100101"))

(so a one liner, nothing fancy).

On my Mac:

$ luatex foo.lua

on my Linux machine:

$ luatex foo.lua 

(where is the leading 0??)

Mac: $ luatex --version
This is LuaTeX, Version beta-0.79.1 (TeX Live 2014) (rev 4971)

Linux: $ luatex --version
This is LuajitTeX, Version beta-0.79.1 (TeX Live 2014/dev) (rev 4972)

How can this difference show up? Is this something from "jit"? 



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