[Dev-luatex] Extension language integration of LuaTeX and LilyPond

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Tue May 7 13:13:31 CEST 2013


at the recent BachoTeX conference, I held a talk comparing LuaTeX and
LilyPond integration of their respective extension languages.  Now the
talk slot was just 30 minutes, so the talk was quite more condensed than
the proceedings, and I probably would have had to take the laptop away
from Hans to have the talk make much of an impression anyway (not that
there would have been much of a talk if people had locked _my_ laptop
away in the days before it) and that still would not have given me a
hook into Taco who had to miss out on BachoTeX because of anniversative

So I am instead dumping the PDF of the proceedings on this list as it
may inspire people to try working on some more user-manageable low-level
interaction between Lua and TeX than the current situation provides.
I've added some rough sketches at the end of the article that should
make clear why this can't be done in formats alone but will require
primitive support as well if things are supposed to turn out nicely.

Hope you can make something of it.

David Kastrup
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