[Dev-luatex] Luajittex 0.72.0 announcement

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Thu Jan 10 16:26:23 CET 2013


this looks very promising!!! I've been able to run a simple document with my publisher with it. Great.

Just a question: there seems to be a new bit library included, right? Is this documented anywhere? Is the library itself documented?

It has these functions:

bit = {
  ["rol"] = "function: builtin#71"
  ["rshift"] = "function: builtin#69"
  ["ror"] = "function: builtin#72"
  ["bswap"] = "function: builtin#67"
  ["bxor"] = "function: builtin#75"
  ["bor"] = "function: builtin#74"
  ["arshift"] = "function: builtin#70"
  ["bnot"] = "function: builtin#66"
  ["tobit"] = "function: builtin#65"
  ["lshift"] = "function: builtin#68"
  ["tohex"] = "function: builtin#76"
  ["band"] = "function: builtin#73"


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